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Parkview Haven's continuing care retirement community allows access to independent living, assisted living, skilled / nursing care and rehabilitation.

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Parkview Haven is a Life Plan Community faith based nonprofit organization and we look for gifts from individuals, businesses, and Churches to fulfill our mission.  

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Close to Home

Located just minutes from Francesville in Pulaski County, Parkview Haven strives to create a home just like the one our residents have lived in all their lives. From the moment you take your first steps inside you will feel close to home.



Parkview Haven offers a full array of on-site inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational and speech therapies.

All treatments and therapies are designed to help individuals regain mobility, relieve pain and discomfort and accelerate recovery time to return them to the highest quality of life possible in the least amount of time.

These services are also available to the public, and by accommodating evening and weekend hours, outpatient therapy services fit into most schedules.



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 In partnership with Healthcare Therapy Services, Parkview Haven will post monthly a feature called "Rehab News."

January 2017 - National Glaucoma Month

February 2017 - Antioxidant Rich Foods Promote Healthy Aging

March 2017 - After a Joint Replacement - Therapy's Role in Recovery

April 2017 - Occupational Therapy's Role in Dementia Care

May 2017 - Understanding the Impact of Aging on Communication

June 2017 - Managing Painful Arthiritis with Exercise

July 2017 - Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat

August 2017 - Therapy's Role in Managing Parkinson's Disease

September 2017 - Getting You Back to the Life You Love with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

October 2017 - 5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help!

November 2017 - Therapy Can Help Those With COPD

December 2017 - Don't Let Diabetes Stop Your Holiday Fun!

January 2018 - Pneumonia Can Be Prevented - Lower Your Risk

February 2018 - Strong at Heart

March 2018 - Regaining Control:  Managing Urinary Incontinence

April 2018 - Life is Good  Occupational Therapy Can Make it Better

June 2018 - Living with Arthritis

July 2018 - Fun Ways to Stay Active Indoors this Summer

August 2018 - 3 Stretches to Ease Lower Back Pain

October 2018 - Balance and Fall Prevention

November 2018 - Getting Around Safely Using a Cane or Walker

December 2018 - Peripheral Neuropathy - Managing Your Pain